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Comment on Tokenism

Garima SiwachNo, I wouldn't see this as tokenism. We are at a stage of development when there is bound to be a major imbalance in the position of women and the tolerance of society towards a woman's freedom. At such a time (especially at such a time), I can assure you that these kind of examples do bring a sense of achievement, howsoever small it might be, to at least be acknowledged as a part of something which ideally our society might have kept reserved as a 'man's profession'. I can say this from a small bit of experience, having been an NCC cadet myself, I remember a lot of my fellow cadets in J&K came from a background where even enrolling your name in the NCC was a hard challenge. The way I see it, it indicates a way forward into a more progressive state, as a step to erase those implicitly drawn boundary lines.

Besides that, there is no disagreeing with you on how much remains to be done.